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    Profit Exponential Multipliers
    Module 6 Priceless Bonuses!


    This is the bonus page for Profit Multiplier members, who have upgraded.   I’ think you’ll find what I have in this section is worth the price of the upgrade alone!

    You can access all the separate Bonuses  either by hovering your mouse over the menu item above “Priceless Bonuses”, or by clicking in the links in the navigation bar to the left.

    Here’s a list of what is included!

    Bonus 1: What Time to Launch For Maximum Profit – Value $97

    I had to assemble a team of outsourcers to take data on the WSO Forum every hour, 24 hours a day, for 2 weeks to get this information…

    You see, timing your launch is not as straight forward as you think. Especially for your first offer. At some times of day there are 6 times as many people viewing the WSO forum as at other times.

    But you also have to consider how long your offer will sit at the top of the WSO forum – as other people launch their WSOs, your offer moves down that page and out of site.

    So you have to a) collect the data and b) analyse the data statistically.

    I’ve done all that, explained all the details and reasons, and shown you what is the best time to Launch or Bump your thread. And what day of the week. And I’ve backed it up with test data!

    This knowledge alone is worth the price of this WSO! You get it free!

    Bonus 2: How to NEVER Lose a PayPal Dispute!

    PayPal can either be your biggest headache or, if you know how to treat this bad-boy, Your Greatest Business Asset!  You see, contrary to opinion in the IM world, PayPal is actually on Your side.

    And if you know a couple of little-known strategies, as an IMer you will NEVER lose a PayPal dispute.  PayPal disputes can be a massive wasted of time.  There are some customers who just brings tears to your eyes!

    But with what you will learn in this bonus you can tell any “trolls” that launch disputes to, basically, get stuffed.  Because PayPal will side with you.  Every time.  If you know what I know..

    And if you ever get your account limited?  It will be temporary and not even cause you to stop for breath!

    Bonus 3: How to Spew Cash from Your List with Follow-On Offers Done RIGHT!

    Your list is an almost priceless resource that will give you big, bit income for years to come – if you treat it right.

    But you can destroy your list in a matter of days if you do the wrong thing.  It’s like setting light to 100-dollar bills – it brings tears to your eyes.

    The key strategies in this bonus will stop you from falling into the trap of ruining your valuable list. Instead, with follow-on offers done right, you will turn your list into a follow-on offer cash volcano!

    The bonuses you have access to will depend on whether you have upgraded to Profit Exponential Multipliers (Module 6) which has some separate, additional, high value bonuses. 
    Let’s make it big!
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