• Coaching Webinar 2
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    Coaching Webinar 2
    Coaching Webinar 2


    These coaching webinars are going to be a big part of the product you’ve purchased. Here is the recording for the second one.

    Below the video you’ll find the text of the job posting I made on Odesk to find my awesome assistant Vladan!


    Text of Job Posting I used on Odesk to advertise for an assistant

    1.  I am looking for someone with good technical ability at a “user” level – comfortable and confident with user of Word, Excel,  and routine semi-technical activities such as FTP, routine WordPress WP admin use,processing of PayPal refunds, use of Jing and Screencast.

    2.  I need someone with good written english, as a big part of the job will be responding to customer emails.  Also, I need someone who is patient, good natured and doesn’t get angry ever (customers can be terrible to deal with – but you will need to remain patient and helpful at all times on email as “the customer is always right”!).

    3.  Availability:  I need someone who can check and deal with emails at least twice a day, including weekends.  On weekends, only essential emails need to be dealt with (perhaps 1/2 hour each day maximum).

    4.  Schedule:  I need someone flexible, able to work 3-4 hours a day when  have a big product launch, but willing to do just perhaps 1/2 hour per day when times are quiet.

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